Turkish Vacation: Antalya


As many of you know Ryan and I spent a week in Turkey at the beginning of October. Thanks to the Muslim Holiday Eid Al Adha which provided a week long vacation, Ryan and I were able to venture off to Antalya and Istanbul for a week. For those of you that may not know, Eid Al Adha is the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice in which Muslims celebrate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael before God, which we also recognize in the Bible.

We began our trip with 4 days in Antalya. A lovely little costal beach town. Thanks to my awesome husband, Ryan, who braved it and took on driving in Antalya we had more of an opportunity to visit the sites. When I say that he braved it, I really mean that he braved it because motorcycles drive on the side walks, two lane streets some how turn into 5 lane streets, and driving in the shoulder in not uncommon. We survived though!

While in Antalya we stayed an awesome hotel called Hotel Su. The hotel was pure white with red accents, the lobby was adorned with giant disco balls and red accent lighting, and the giant glass window facing the street was lined with rows and row of orange trees nearly from floor to ceiling. The walk ways to the pool were also filled with citrus trees and the hotel as scattered with cats that the hotel takes care of by feeding, providing veterinary assistance, and providing cat houses.

The highlights of our trip to Antalya were: finding Umbrella Street in Old Town Kaleci, finding one set of the famous Turkish rainbow stairs, hiking down to the marina which was filled with gorgeous boats offering 6 hour boat tours, getting lost in the streets of old town Kaleci just to admire the beauty of the long winding alley ways and seeing where they dropped up us off, finding Hadrian’s Gate, visiting the Antalya Aquarium (home of the world’s longest aquarium tunnel), driving through the mountains and hiking out to Olympos to see the ruins, driving out to Perge (established before the Trojan wars) to view the ruins, and just relaxing by the pool and on the beach at our hotel.

Here are some pictures from Antalya:

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