Remembering My Why

It’s been a while since I have blogged… as in 3 years a while. A lot has changed since then including traveling to several countries and moving back to Florida. I put blogging on hold as I was afraid of speaking from my perspective after being told that sites were monitored to ensure that nothing deemed slanderous was said being said about our host country and beginning to work again while we were living abroad.
​After talking with a friend recently and being encouraged, I decided that it was time to pick up my blog again. Ryan and I still travel and we often get asked for our perspectives or tips when we travel. So I have decided to let this be a place that houses so much of that. I won’t keep this strictly limited to international travel and plan to include trips and recommendations locally too.
​Over the years, Ryan decided to take a stab at vlogging. He has managed to capture so many of our travels that I failed to blog about over the last three years and he’s done a wonderful job at it. Those adventures can be found on YouTube with out latest video being featured below.

Ultimately, the biggest reason for this post was realizing that I lost track of my “why” for blogging. So much of this was inspired by my wonderful grandmother who passed away of cancer just after Thanksgiving last year. These blogs were inspired by the roots she planted in a small Alabama town for her 9 children who have all risen to do such amazing and inspirational things for my generation. These blogs are inspired by the gateway that she paved through her pure Christian heart, her boundless love, compassion, intellect, and her desire for her children and grandchildren to aspire to do more and be more. I pray that in these blogs I can not only share tips and recommendations, but that through all of this I can be even the slightest reflection of the wonderful woman that she was… and to her… we voyage back into Georgiana Journey.

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