When In Qatar…


I have decided and rightfully so that while in Qatar, the best place for me to be in a car is in the backseat. This is not the place for passive drivers, nor road rage, and if you have never had anxiety while driving you will soon develop it. Think Miami driving…x 20! I’m pretty sure that I have gotten in the habit of holding my breath and hoping for the best. Not to mention the endless amounts of construction throughout the city. Maybe my anxiety was fueled from my time served as a claims adjuster. On the bright side there are a number of taxis or you can hire a driver for a reasonable price.

So far our stay has been enjoyable. We haven’t had an opportunity to explore a lot just yet as the work week began Sunday and ends Thursday. However, I have been exploring the coffee shop downstairs and although I never tried one in the States, I have have easy access to the prized Cronut. For those of you who don’t know cronuts were all the rage about year ago when NY pastry-chef, Dominique Ansel, had the GENIUS idea to marry the croissant and the donut. Lucky for me the cronut has made its appearance in Doha. The results… my breakfast twice this week: PERFECTION!

Cream Cheese Cronut
Nutella Cronut

My biggest accomplishment today however was braving it and setting off to the Souq Waqif by myself. I managed to get there about 30 minutes before the shops opened for their second wind of the day. Although it was a 108 degrees, it was fun to wandering the alleyways filled with spices, fabrics, scarves, gold, and various other goods. Above is a picture of the heavily filled restaurant portion of the Souq Waqif during the work break. Souq Waqif is one of Doha’s most recommended sites and now I am finally able to see why for myself. Not to mention it easily feeds my scarf obsession! So happy to have this in my backyard now.



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